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We Connect People to Brands

About What is MyDeez?

We provide businesses with a unique digital service that enables them to ask for information from their customers easily, quickly and correctly.

We allow people to digitally share their Deez (details) easily, securely and with great user experience.

What can MyDeez do for my business?

  1. Reducing costsby shortening the customer handling time at the store, the field or at the call-center
  2. Increasing data qualityby receiving reliable and correct information from customers
  3. Making your customers happierby improving the customer experience
  4. Making you happierby enlarging your customer base
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Screens How does it look?

Customizable, Responsive and User-Friendly Forms

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Contact us Let's Meet for coffee

Email us at self-destroyer or drop us a message if you would like to order a demo or to hear more about MyDeez